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The Organization Learning Labs offers expert guidance and tools to cultivate organization-wide learning and facilitate strategic interventions, empowering organizations to evolve and innovate. This drives unparalleled growth, efficiency, and innovation within the organization.

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Learning Academy to support competence & capability development.

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Strategic Interventions to drive learning & innovation

At The Organization Learning Labs, we implement strategic interventions as part of our organization development strategy. These interventions consist of carefully planned actions or events designed to enhance our clients' team effectiveness. They are intentionally disruptive to the status quo and aim to drive organizational change towards a more efficient state.  

Using organization maturity audit results, we deliver assessments of areas needing improvement within our client organizations compared to competitors and customer expectations. These audits are conducted using key performance indicators (KPIs) for each business area.

Our team works individually with underperforming team members in a dedicated manner to enact desired change, thereby improving both team and organizational productivity and output.

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Organization learning academy for competence & capability development

Within The Organization Learning Labs, Learning Academy is designed to build & sustain high performance teams in our client organizations and continuously skill, up skill & reskill inline to the strategic objectives of the organization as well as individual learning objectives. We offer learning programs, which broadly categorized into 3 learning modules:

Cradle is a set of industry & job specific learning programs which build the required competence and capacity in the job holders and teams for various functions and hierarchy to perform their assigned responsibilities upto the expected standards. Focus is skilling.

Accelerate is a set of intra industry learning programs focus on upskilling the high potential executives and leaders in the organization.

Level Up is focused on reskilling. It is a set of inter industry learning programs to support the underperformers via structured programs & coaching.

Learnign Academy also undertake customized learning need analysis and curate development programs for our clients


Experiential learning tools & games to maximize individual & team performance

Our experiential learning games platform, Impactopia, is dedicated to facilitating deep internalization, particularly in areas related to cognitive mindsets, conditioning, and subconscious behavioral patterns among executives and teams.

Impactopia fosters self-discovery within a team-oriented, enjoyable environment, ensuring non-intrusive engagement. It enables organizations to evaluate the competence and capability of executives and teams, providing certification as needed.

Each game within Impactopia is designed in a user-friendly, do-it-yourself format. Administration can be handled by Human Resource or Learning & Development teams, or by Impactopia administrators who are trained by our team upon purchase.

Impactopia holds the potential to play a significant and effective role in driving organizational change and transformation, working from the bottom up to the top

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