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Impactopia : Experential learning games platform

Impactopia facilitates deep internalization in cognitive mindsets, & behavourial patterns in executives & teams


“Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I remember,

Involve me and I will learn.”

- John Dewey, (1938),

To drive transformation within an organization, team, or individual, a vivid and personal visualization of the desired future state in real-life scenarios, presented in a non-intrusive manner, proves highly effective. This experiential learning approach fosters self-discovery, cultivates new perspectives, enhances team camaraderie, and instills a drive for excellence. By engaging participants in active learning within a shared environment, experiential learning ensures that outcomes are influenced by participants' current state, past experiences, and future aspirations.


Impactopia is a versatile platform featuring a range of business simulation games & assessment designed for teams or individuals within an organization, overseen by relevant Human Resource or Learning & Development experts, or Impactopia administrators.

These games & assessments, tailored to specific industries, jobs, and topics, offer participants a personalized experience of the envisioned future state ("To be" situation). Additionally, they enable Human Resource/Learning and Development experts to objectively assess participants' current competence, capability, knowledge level, and mental state ("Is" situation).

Additional information

Any organization can register and access the Impactopia platform.

Upon logging in, organizations can browse through a variety of off-the-shelf business simulation games available for purchase. The platform provides abundant media and information about each game to help organizations make informed selections.

Upon purchase, our customer support team will reach out to the client organization to assist with onboarding and training processes.

If a physical meeting is necessary before or after the purchase, arrangements will be coordinated with the client accordingly.

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