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The Friday Night at the ER game was developed in 1992 by Breakthrough Learning, Inc., a consulting and training firm based in Morgan Hill, California.[1] Its initial purpose was to broadly teach people to think systemically, collaborating across functional boundaries to achieve system goals. The game's design objectives were:

  • to create an experiential learning tool that would engage people in a learning process;
  • to simulate and illustrate dynamics that are common to complex systems; and
  • to promote an understanding of key systems principles in a way that enables people to gain insight about their relevance.

Friday Night at the ER

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  • Participants in a group (from 4 to 200 people) are assembled at tables equipped with game boards and associated materials. A program leader or coordinator provides verbal instructions; then participants play the game on their own for approximately one hour. The gameplay is followed by scoring to measure team performance. After a brief stretch break, participants reconvene for a debriefing. The debrief is facilitated by the program leader with a structured progression of discussion questions, reflection exercises, didactic presentation, and group tasks to bring to light key lessons of the experience, its relevance to the group and how participants will put lessons into practice after the program.

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