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Strategic Interventions to drive learning & innovation

Strategic interventions disrupt the status quo & aim to drive organizational change towards a more efficient state.


We conduct an Organization Maturity Audit (OMA) to evaluate the following:

  • The maturity of organizational strategy, leadership, and processes

  • The maturity of teams and departments in meeting their objectives

  • The maturity of job holders and their alignment with organizational needs

  • Cognitive assessments of key leaders within the organization

This audit is based on industry-specific benchmarks and prevailing best practices. Identified best practices and gaps are communicated to the client's senior management team, along with recommended corrective actions. In cases where significant gaps are identified, a Need Diagnostic Study (NDS) is conducted. Based on the NDS findings, a proposal for a dedicated engagement focused on addressing the gaps is submitted. The expected impact of this engagement is clearly communicated, and it is executed in several sprints. The engagements and resulting improvements are documented, and an impact report is provided at the conclusion of the strategic intervention


Persistent unsatisfactory performance, concerning organization targets, defined policies and culture, innovation, and competition, within an organization, team, or individual, may be attributed to the following factors:

  • Deficiency in competence

  • Deficiency in capability

  • Deficiency in leadership and strategy

  • Deficiency in processes, tools, and policies

An impartial assessment aids in pinpointing areas for improvement. Dedicated expert support and coaching facilitate the closure of these gaps.

Additional details

Depending on the nature and type of maturity gap identified, a strategic intervention can range from 2 to 24 weeks in duration. Typically, the Organization Maturity Audit (OMA) can be completed within 1 to 4 weeks, followed by the initiation of the Need Diagnostic Study (NDS) and dedicated handholding and coaching.

The cost and terms of engagement are determined based on each strategic intervention.

Each strategic intervention comprises a set of carefully planned actions or events aimed at enhancing our clients' team effectiveness. These interventions intentionally disrupt the status quo and are designed to deliberately change an organization toward a more effective state

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